Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New Spins for the Old Drunk

I may have embarrassed myself at the Spins last night.

Me: I don't know if this means I have a drinking problem, but if I have one beer then I just want like twelve more.
Alexa: That sounds like a drinking problem to me.
Me: Oh.

Anyway, here is what I spun at the Spins:

  1. Gray - Heartless Bastards
  2. New Drink for the Old Drunk - Crooked Fingers
  3. Across The Line - Scott Miller and the Commonwealth
  4. Trouble Doll - Matthew Ryan
  5. Charango (Isla Negra) - The Dad in Common
  6. Sangre de Stephanie - Lifter Puller
  7. Sound System - Operation Ivy
  8. Quarter-Life Crisis - The Cardinal Sin


Alexa said...

AAAAH! I just wanted to clarify that there was NO JUDGEMENT on my part with the 12 beers. Cause man...booze tastes good.

Pat said...

at least your playlist didn't look all drunkish

it could have had "Cigarettes And Alcohol"-Oasis
"Spill The Wine" umm.. that dude.

"How's My Drinking?"-GBV

and so on...