Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh Baby (No Baby Yet)

I am a worrier.

I get worked up; nervous and anxious about things. I burst at the seams when faced with simple things like: going to interview somebody, calling somebody on the phone, meeting people, going someplace new.

My palms get sweaty. My heart goes flutter-flutter. I can't sit still. My thoughts get all scattered and I just think and think about whatever kind of fantasies I can come up with about the way things are going to go wrong.

So if I get all goofy about calling my bank, imagine just how insane-out-of-my-head I am waiting for my baby to arrive. I can't focus on anything; work, school or writing. My wife is due in five days and has been having sporadic contractions for about a week now. Everyday I wake up and say, "Is this the day?" Don't get me wrong though, I am super excited about this. I just am not good at waiting.

I was going to do a Top5 in honor of my impending fatherhood, but all the songs I could think of or find that had something to do with "baby" were about the kind of "baby" that left you alone, or hit the bottle, or hit the needle, or died in a horrible car wreck. I don't really want to associate those things with my baby.

So I give you these things:
Some of the How Was The Show staff did a podcast for the excellent MinneapolisCast run by Tony Thomas. Andrea Myers, David de Young, Jennifer Paulson, Pat O'Brien and myself contributed and you can listen to it here. (I just realized that the song I reviewed. "Don't Take My Baby To War" has the word baby in it. Coincidence?)

Also, Chris at Culture Bully did an interview with Andrea and me about the local music scene and you can find that here.